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    In the many years that I have had the opportunity to share my ability to bring delightful floral creations to others I have tried to define exactly what it is that I like about this business of FLOWERS.  Creating a particular look that  will describe the mood of the event is what I find thrilling and rewarding. All events are important, from the simple holiday party to an elaborate wedding. Creating that magical ambiance is what I strive for. To accomplish an unforgettable moment in time is what I feel is most important.

    Taking the challenge to design a look  which fits the needs of the parties involved is a goal that can be met. My talents allow me customize the look that is reflective of the uniqueness of the actual event. The very first impression is what will be seen when the party begins. To design an original look  with all the ambiance and style is what I strive to accomplish and do.

    It's completely possible to tailor  the looks of flowers to bring  fresh and different styles. I want to allow the beautiful use of flowers and botanicals to do exactly what they are meant to do. The sheer variety is always amazing to me and when I go to the flower markets and see the vast amounts of colors, smells, shapes, and sizes my mind churns with ideas. A wonderful energy is created when an abundance of lovely things are brought together.

    Many great artists of the old world  take flower arrangements to capture their beauty  forever in oil. Even they needed great designers to create a look for their brush! I want to create a look for the mind and soul.

    like when the cool rains of spring bring the wild flowers of nature's first bloom. Looking out across the field brings joy to the heart and peace to the mind. It begins with an Idea followed by a dream and then the sweet smell of the blossom.  Home